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Prof. Abdelaziz Bouras

Pre-Award Manager

Welcome to the Pre-Award department of the Office of Research Support. Pre-Award team is here to assist you in developing your proposal and submit it successfully for internal or external funding. All the submitted proposals for internal funding are pre-screened, vetted and then sent to external experts for scientific review. After the announcement of the results, your proposals are checked for possible modifications (pre-funding stage) and the successful projects are handed over to the other ORS departments for a follow-up. External grants have different processes, depending on the funding sources, but Pre-Award team is here to accompany you at least until the submission step. I invite you to regularly check the provided submission deadlines and wish you successful projects!
Email us on : pre-award@qu.edu.qa



Legal & Compliance Office
The Contracts and Compliance section of the Office of Research Support (ORS) handles all legal issues related to research at Qatar University, particularly research that is administered by the ORS. Our role usually starts after the award of a grant by external and internal funding agencies. We prepare draft collaborative agreements with institutions around the world and negotiate the terms of any agreement. We handle over 300 contracts and other legal instruments every year ensuring that QU, Qatar and our researchers get the best possible terms in their respective collaboration with international institutions. After the agreement is executed, our work is done. Any further enquiries must be directed at the post-award team. So in a nutshell, we are the legal department of the ORS and are sandwiched between the Pre-Award and the Post-Award departments.
Email us on : researchcontrats@qu.edu.qa
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Dr. Mustafa Saleh Nasser

Post-Award Manager

Welcome to the Post Award Department.
Now that you’ve been awarded a new research project, we are committed to assist you in all your research activities from the beginning till the end. Our Post-Award Department manages both internal and external grants through the  delivery of  research projects, working closely with Qatar University colleges, faculty members and other departments such as Human Resources, Procurement and Finance to facilitate the delivery of project tasks, and create impactful research results.
For more information, please contact us on;
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