QU Ranked among Top 100 Universities Worldwide in Computer Science (THE 2023)

Qatar University has been ranked among the top 100 universities worldwide in Computer Science, according to Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking of 2023 that was just released. This is indeed a big achievement for our department. It is surely a result of years of active and hard work in planning, teaching, and research. Congratulations to all members!

QU’s rank has jumped this year over about 25 positions in THE CS subject ranking. With a steady progress over years, here are the CS ranks of QU since 2018:

  • 2018: 251-300
  • 2019: 201-250
  • 2020: 201-250
  • 2021: 101-125
  • 2022: 101-125
  • 2023: 95


QU Wraps Up the 2024 AI Competition for High Schools

Qatar School of Science and Technology for Boys secured the first place


Qatar University (QU)’s College of Engineering has successfully concluded the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Competition for High Schools 2024. This event aimed to elevate secondary school students’ awareness of the crucial role AI plays in addressing contemporary challenges. The competition sought to inspire creativity and innovation among students in devising AI-based solutions across various fields.

Dr. Khaled Kamal Naji, Dean of the College of Engineering at QU, emphasized the competition’s importance in enhancing AI awareness among students, fostering local capacity building, and providing a platform for idea exchange and application sharing.

Qatar School of Science and Technology for Boys secured the second place


Prof. Amr Mohamed, Head of the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the College of Engineering at QU, highlighted the competition’s objective of igniting student interest in AI to prepare them for future careers. Participating teams were tasked with developing solutions such as computer programs, mobile applications, or embedded systems tailored to address environmental, health, and accessibility challenges, using user-friendly tools suitable for school-level students.

Musab Bin Omair Secondary School for Boys won third place


This year’s competition saw the participation of 35 teams from 22 schools, including 13 boys’ teams and 22 girls’ teams. At the event’s conclusion, the winning schools were honored. In the boys’ category, Qatar School of Science and Technology for Boys secured both first and second place, while Musab Bin Omair Secondary School for Boys won third place. In the girls’ category, Qatar Technical School for Girls won first place, followed by Umm Ayman Secondary School in second place, and Umm Hakeem Secondary School in third place.

CSE SDP Contest Day 2024: All Winners

The highly anticipated senior projects’ presentations took place on May 6th at the state-of-the-art new engineering building H07. These remarkable projects, the culmination of tireless efforts by talented students, were subjected to rigorous evaluation by industry examiners. After careful deliberation, outstanding projects from each program, Computer Science (CS) and Computer Engineering (CE), emerged victorious. Exceptional teams of these winners will be chosen to proudly represent our department in the upcoming college contest. We eagerly anticipate the success that awaits our representatives as they compete at the college level, confident in their abilities, to make our department proud once again. 


Winning Projects in CSE-SDP23 Contests Day  

CE Rank 1

Project title: Q-SAR: Drone Swarm for Disaster Management

Students: Ali Elmancy, Abdalla Ahmed, Assem Alnajjar

Supervisor: Dr. Amr Mohamed


  • SAR operations face difficult environments.
  • Drones offer faster and more effective SAR missions.
  • Design a drone system to enhance SAR missions.
  • Radar sensors are used for under-rubble survivor detection.
  • Leverage autonomous smart drones.
  • Drone assembly and sensor integration.
  • Design a wireless charging stations for drones.
  • Develop a backend for ground control and monitoring.

CE Rank 1 (equally-ranked)

Project title: Marathon Monitoring System

Students: Aly Okasha,  Mohammad Rayyan,  Ibrahim koubeisi 

Supervisor: Dr. Noora Fetais


The challenges in marathon organization, in particular participant safety and data collection. We’ve evolved a product to track participant positions, detect cheating, identify fainting, and easily transmit data to event administrators.

CE Rank 2

Project title: NABATEQ: Plant Health Monitoring System
Deep Learning Classification Approach 

Students: Amro Moursi , Mohamed Tahar, Malek Hamad, Hamad Alansi

Supervisor: Dr. Uvais Qidwai


This project focuses on the development and implementation of an advanced plant health monitoring system. Our approach involves addressing the critical environmental factors essential for preserving plants’ well-being, including temperature, soil moisture, water levels, humidity, as well as the presence of essential nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. 

Central to our methodology is the utilization of computer vision technology with Artificial Intelligence to provide health ranks for the plants under monitoring. By leveraging this data-driven approach, our system aims to provide precise and timely insights into the overall health and well-being of plants, offering a valuable tool for effective plant care and management.

CE Rank 3

Students: Abeer Madyar , Kawther Ahmed,  Leen Alinsari,  Razan Abdelgalil

Supervisor: Dr. Mohammed AlSada


CS Rank 1

Project title: Vaultexe/OSS Zero-knowledge Self-hosting Password Manager 

Students: Ahmed Ashraf, Husam Snober, Mohammed Saqallah, Walid Ben Ali

Supervisor: Dr. Moutaz Saleh 


In this digital age, we rely on passwords to protect our online presence on the web. With so many passwords to memorize, we experience password fatigue and easily fall into the trap of reusing weak passwords across different sites. This is a serious security risk, as a single compromised password can give attackers access to many other accounts. To address this issue, we introduce Vaultexe, an open-source self-hosted zero-knowledge password manager.

CS Rank 2

Project title: PassGuard

Students: Youssef Aly,  Essa Ahmed Kamel Abou Jabal, Mohamed-Dhia Abdaoui,  Khalifa Yousuf

Supervisor: Dr. Mohammad Saleh


The importance of a password in today’s world cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, a large number of people falls victim to data breaches because of their reliance on weak passwords, default passwords, reused passwords. It can be explained by a simple reason: it is more convenient for the general public to use predictable passwords and reuse them.

Here comes PassGuard, an offline password manager application, whose sole purpose is to provide password security and user convenience.

CS Rank 3

Project title: ReWisely: a ChatGPT-based comprehensive revision platform for generating user-personalized study materials

Students: Amani  Mamiche, Asma Bahabarah,  Khadija Khedr,  Taqwa  Ellabad

Supervisor:Dr. Moutaz Saleh


Our project aims to modernize the creation of revision material by integrating AI into a comprehensive, interactive, customized, and user-friendly web application. It focuses on developing a platform capable of handling vast amounts of data and offering assistance through text summarization, flashcards, question extraction, the Feynman technique, and mind-mapping functionalities.

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