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(s) Fluidigm
Deadline of submission : 20th May
(s) IRCC/SQU phase 1
Deadline of submission : 30th April
(a) Vinfuture Prize - A new science and technology prize for humanity
(s) : Submission
(a) : Announcement

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Presented by Pre-Award Department Manager ( 2021)
Different internal and external Grants. Project lifecycle and other details are explained in this video.

عرض تقديمي للمنح البحثية بجامعة قطر

عرض تقديمي من مدير قسم ما قبل المنح، (2021)

تقديم للمنح الداخلية و الخارجية ، دورة حياة المشروع و معلومات أخرى مشروحة في هذا الفيديو


Prof. Abdelaziz Bouras

Pre-Award Manager

Welcome to the Pre-Award department of the Office of Research Support. Pre-Award team is here to assist you in developing your proposal and submit it successfully for internal or external funding. Read More 


Legal & Compliance Office
The Contracts and Compliance section of the Office of Research Support (ORS) handles all legal issues related to research at Qatar University, particularly research that is administered by the ORS.The team consists of Mr Abdullah Al-Shammari….Read More 


Abdelali 2
Prof. Abdelali Agouni

Post-Award Manager

Welcome to the Post Award Department. Now that you’ve been awarded a new research project, we are committed to assist you in all your research activities from the beginning till the end. Our Post-Award Department...Read More 


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