Fatima Al-Abdulla

Kids Discover Center render by Fatima Al-Abdulla (©DAUP-CENG-QU)

Kids Discovery Center

1st Prize, CENG Senior Project Awards for the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, 2020

Children represent the country’s future. Quality education is a primary factor that develops the creativity in a growing society. As part of Qatar’s 2030 vision, Qatar took an interest in education, primarily the education of children. To build a strong academic foundation for children to develop in, but nonetheless, school is not always an inspirational resource. Schools can become a tedious destination for kids because of the routine system, which can be overwhelming for them.

Children need to be free to touch, run and decide their future by themselves. Therefore, my project explores a solution to this problem. It will be the children discovery Center. A centre that gathers both joy and education to explore the power of creativity in children.

The purpose of this program aims to achieve a creative upcoming generation by providing a more suitable and effective learning environment, which takes the kids into a journey to discover the sea, plants, space and Arts through the gallery. Making them learn through experience and help them choose their future profession.

The building’s design is inspired by the Rubik’s cube puzzle, which contributes significantly to increase the intelligence of children in the stage of mental development. The cubic shapes were distributed in a circular and semi-random manner, representing embrace and protection that the main building gave to the rest of the masses.